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December 3, 2009

Bobby White is an international swing dance instructor and freelance writer. He holds many titles in Balboa, Lindy Hop, Solo Charleston, and even Trucking. Probably the fanciest sounding is that, with his partner Kate, he is the 2009 American Lindy Hop Champion and the 2007 European Balboa Champion. For more information, visit

Those who know me hopefully have realized that my love of Lindy Hop, Balboa, Solo Charleston, and Collegiate Shag has sometimes reached dangerous proportions.

For a few years now I have written various pieces on swing dancing for events, newsletters, magazines, blogs, and my own deranged amusement. So, I decided to start putting them somewhere together, and add to them.  Collected here will be the writings of the past, present and future, beginning with three pieces I’m extremely proud of:

An essay on one of my favorite dancers, Al Minns, which I wrote for the Jam Cellar newsletter.

The Complete P90X journals, which I wrote for Lindy Bloggers.

And “Pride and Pretzel-Turns,” a serial advertisement I wrote for an ILHC marketing campaign.

If you would like to get a lot more crazy zaniness, and get it first, please subscribe to the Jam Cellar Email ( and, which will enjoy a fresh new kickoff in 2010. The opportunity to write for these publications has produced a lot of my finest swing dance writing, and I can’t wait for what they will inspire me to do in the next few years.

For my other creative writing and essays, please visit (and soon!)

For the stories of Jack the Vampire, please visit (and soon!)

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  1. December 29, 2009 11:04 am

    Bobby, could you post your “History of Balboa” which has been printed at ABW and Bal Rendezvous por favor? I’m glad you’re compiling you’re writings which I’ve enjoyed reading for yrs. Also, from a technical perspective, have you read Jerry Almonte’s and Peter Loggin’s ?

    • jackthevampire permalink*
      December 29, 2009 11:34 am

      Thanks for the compliments! I will post that article, no problem. I have started reading Jerry’s blog recently, and like it a lot; i haven’t had a chance to check out Peter’s yet, fearing I will spend hours on it.


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