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The Junk Drawer–July, 2010

July 8, 2010

Here are just a few random news, notes, and things that I didn’t have anywhere else to put.

Big Big Benefit This Weekend

The Den Mother and Slightly-crazy Soccer Mom of the entire DC Swing Dance scene, Laurie Gilkenson, has some major medical bills following a recent emergency. So, we’re hosting a benefit, beginning this Friday and going through Saturday night. Two dances and an afternoon of workshops, and lots of performances. If you’re anywhere near DC with nothing to do, please consider coming to part–or the entire–event. Go to for more info.

New P90X news to irritate people who are tired of hearing about P90X

There’s actually two new P90X updates, for those who care:

(1) Tony Horton’s One-On-One series of workouts have, for two years now, sent out a monthly workout with Tony Horton, one on one in his home gym. They are, for the most part, awesome, and show a relaxed Tony Horton goofing off while doing weird exercises he makes up. (But they haven’t been selling very well, I get the feeling. For one thing, BeachBody keeps mentioning they’re not selling well in their newsletters). For the Third series which is just beginning, they have decided to basically call the entire thing P90X: One on One and market it as the next step. So, if you want “official” P90X workouts to add to your workout collection, you can sign up for monthly installments at Beach body. I will be getting them myself, and posting if anything interesting crops up. However, all of this is merely supposed to be a warm up to…

(2) BeachBody announced that in 2011, there will be a brand-spankin’ new 90-Day P90X Workout released, titled P90X: MC2 (I guess as in, E=MC2). I will probably do it and write about it, of course, in my weird obsession with dance cross-training workout programs.

About the blog

It’s been roughly six months since I started Swungover, and I’m very thankful for all my readers who constantly tell me how much they like the blog at events, over emails, or on the message boards. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the first six months of the blog, and a few things I’m still learning.

(1) By far the most read stories by internet readers are the workout reviews. I can not tell you how many people look up P90X blogs on the web. I almost always get hundreds a week.

(2) The second most often looked up word is “greaser.” My Random Notes From the 1950s blog, which wasn’t near the best thing I’ve written about dancing, is also read many times a day.

(3) Aside from that, it’s obviously dancers who read my work, and there’s a large correlation between people’s “liking” or “sharing” a swungover note on Facebook and how many people read it. So please, if you like something I’ve written, and you have the time, take a moment to “like” it or share it with friends on Facebook.

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