Figuring Out A Team Name

A group of us Bal Dancers recently decided to start a team that would strive to embody the look and spirit of the original 1930s So-Cal Swingers such as those seen in the Beach Clip or the film “Start Cheering.” (We’ve already performed it at The Jump Session Show, and we’ll be doing our routine at ILHC this weekend.)

By far the hardest thing has been trying to find a name. Often times, while we try to think of names, we loose all our filters, and just begin throwing ideas randomly, shooting from the hip, hoping a bullet will hit something and not kill us all.

Here are some of the many we’ve gone through, both serious and comical.

White Heat Jimmy Lunceford’s White Heat was the favorite song of many of the original So Cal Swing dancers. Unfortunately, it would be awkward to compete with this name, especially to a non dancing public. Though, I have to admit, we are crackers on fire.

The Flashbacks

Stormy Rhythm

The Next Group “As in, “And now, ladies and gentleman, the next group.”

The Backbeats Perhaps a little too Beatle-y?

So-Calefaction is, I think, a very cool name, since the definition of Calefaction involves the process of heating up. Though, in reality, people think it’s a bad pun involving the word “Satisfaction.”

The Beach Clippers From “The Beach Clip,” one of the few surviving clips of so cal swing (bal-swing) from the original era.

The Last Jumpers

Stompeed You know, like Stampeed? It has the word “peed” in it.

Start Cheering (It’d be great for announcing us, as in, “And now Ladies and Gentleman, Start Cheering!” When our act would be over, we’d ask them to say “Thank you, thank you! Stop Cheering!”)

Step Step and the Hold Steps.

The Awkward Moments

The Dukes of Venice As in, Venice beach, where the “beach clip” was filmed.

J-K-L-M-N-O-B Except for me, the rest of the teams names all fall into line in the alphabet. The “B” rhymes with “P,” get it? Er, except for “O”, of course. There’s no one in our team with that name. This is what happens around hour eight of trying to think up a team name.

The Solid Four As much as I like this one–“Solid 4” being both a straight rhythm and jive talk for “The Awesome Four,” sadly, there is six of us.

The Rhythm Section

The Cobra Kai (Balboa Team Division)

Trickeration Cab Calloway jive for “Showing your stuff, muggin’ lightly and politely.” This is currently one of the possible winners, next to…

Top Drawer A 30s slang for “the best.” If an original So Cal dancer thought what you did was good, many would reportedly say “Top Drawer.”

After a few weeks, in a battle between Trickeration and Top Drawer, Top Drawer has come out the winner. However, if we put together a Lindy Team, we might go with Trickeration, which has more of a high-flying feel to it.

12 responses to “Figuring Out A Team Name”

  1. Should have gone with Cobra Kai so people in the audience can yell out “Sweep the leg!” and “Get’em a body bag!”

  2. My three faves are Step Step nad the Hold Steps, Start Cheering and The Awkward Moments.
    I love a title with a sense of humor.

    We had a similar back and forth when we were naming our blues dance group. We wanted to give a tip of the hat to classic blues stylings as well as showcase our quirky, girly sides.

    Two examples were The Blue Mondays and (just for kicks) the Thighmasters. Neither worked out for one reason or the obvious other.

    good luck!

  3. Step Step and the Hold Steps is incredible :). I mean, Top Drawer is also lovely… but it’s no Step Step and the Hold Steps.

    (I definitely read the title of this post as “Figuring out A-Team Name”. I was a little confused…)

    Good luck, and have fun at ILHC!

  4. I have to admit, I’m quite fond of “The Next Group”…but then again, I also enjoy a fair amount of puns.

    Possibly one of my favorite of your blog posts, yet! These are the kind of entertaining situations your adoring public wishes to hear, I think.

  5. Top Drawer is cute – a little obscure, but I think that’s okay.
    Trickeration is good but I’ve heard it used before. Not that that’s a killer.
    I also like Start Cheering, and not just because of the joke.

    Loosely keeping in the Vintage SoCal theme:
    The Solid Swingaroos (or just The Swingaroos) (darn it, just googled it and the Stevens Sisters use that name…)
    The Sensations of 1939

    I’d stay away from the word “rhythm”…it’s a little overused at this point…

  6. Haha, that was a funny list to read through. I do like “Step Step and the Hold Steps” in all its utter sillyness. Reminds me of I made up silly “baldboa” because all the guys, including the teacher, in my class were actually bald (how intriguing). But “Top drawer” sounds quite cool and smooth (and original 1930s!).

  7. How about…
    – The Lolly Kickers
    – Lolly Kicker and the Swivels
    – The Breaktimers
    – The Low Down Doubletimers!!!
    – The Popturners

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