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ILHC 2010 Update #3 (1:47 a.m. Sunday Night)

August 23, 2010

WAY-AFTER POST-SCRIPT MENTION: This year at ILHC, while in a Jack and Jill final, I was told that, if I drew my regular partner, I would have the option to draw again. I cannot tell you how great this is to a competitor, and I will write a tear-jerking letter in an attempt to get them to keep it. People watch Jack and Jills to see how different dancers social dance with each other; competitors do Jack and Jills so they can see what magic can come out of competing with a randomly new partner.

If a person draws their normal partner, it’s sort of a generic loose-loose for everyone involved. The partnership doesn’t get to dance with a new person and it becomes an awkward strictly for them. The audience doesn’t get to see those dancers inspired to do different things with new people.

I dont’ think it’s a big deal for prelims, but for advanced/all star finals, I think it’s great. So, awesome job ILHC.

** I forgot to mention in last night’s email that the champions strictly was a hallmark for two reasons–well, the same reason, but two examples of it. Todd and Jo AND Kevin and Carla competed as couples each, both of which were once partners way back in the early 2000s and haven’t competed in a strictly competition together in years. (Editors note: Kevin and Carla recently competed in an underground contest at Camp Hollywood.)

**Today was Jack and Jill day, and, for the most part, there was a ton of great dancing, but –perhaps because the previous two days have already set the bar so high–nothing sticks out in my mind much now at the end of the day but solid dancing. (Apparently Swing Air Force tore up the team division, though. I was not present.) Perhaps this is because I’ve seen so much swing in the last two days that my mind can’t process anymore. I do recall Jeremy Otth, who was celebrating his birthday today, drew Carla in the champions Jack and Jill and they had a great spotlight. Peter Strom and Laura Glaess, two people always ready to dance with all their hearts, also killed it, I thought. A lot of dancers really sucked up the crowd’s energy, as will be obvious in the videos.

**I don’t remember enough of the awards to comment on them in detail (er, sorry guys), but Andrew and Karen did receive The Spirit Award (and two big horkin’ trophies) for the way they contributed to the event. Though they didn’t get any placements this year, the award got them their third standing ovation of the weekend.

I’d now like to brag that Andrew is one of my closest swing friends from back in the day, and when he started to get into traveling for dancing, I remember thinking “Damn, that is one great guy to be around. The Lindy Scene is going to love him.” Bragging over. Not that there is actually anything to brag about, except for good taste on my part, perhaps. I’ll take it. And is there a funnier follow on teh scene than Karen? Her deadpan facial expressions win the actor’s heart in me.

** And, oh yeah, the trophies this year are regular trophies, not the gorgeous crystal statues of the previous years.

**In conclusion–ILHC’s third year will be known as the year ILHC exploded. I can’t wait for next year.

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