Insanity #4 — ABORT!

Week 3

Hey guys, I’m afraid I’ve had to abort my current goals for the Insanity project. I’ve done so for a few reasons:

(1) I’ve been doing a lot of dancing recently, preparing for contests, performances, as well as doing week-long gigs, which has required the use of my legs and energy on many days of the workout. The Insanity Workouts simply take a lot of leg strength and energy out of you. My passion (and job) gets my full physical attention at the moment.

(2) I wasn’t blown away by the set up and the workouts in the first place. The workouts are perfect for adding to my other exercise regiments, but two months of nothing but the Insanity workouts wouldn’t meet my current fitness goals.

Just to get the t-shirt, I might try to do Insanity again, maybe in early 2011. If I do, I will probably start the posts off where I left off…

Meanwhile, there’s a new P90X in the works for 2011, which I will definitely report on, as I like Tony Horton’s idea of a workout a lot better than Sean Ts. To each his own, right?

Workout Review: INSANITY Upper Body Weight Training

I did, however, want to give one more review for the workouts. This one is Sean T’s Weight workout, where you pump iron. I like this workout a lot, and I think it’s an awesome stand-in for any of the P90X upper body workouts if you ever get bored or want a shorter workout.

It’s four sets of different workout cycles you repeat three times each. The moves are good, they’re mostly new, and they cover a lot of good areas of the arms, and seem to really cover the shoudlers nicely.

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