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The Junk Drawer (Sept 2, 2010)

September 2, 2010

Dear Readers, a few odds and ends concerning the blog, etc. (It’s not very exciting, just a bunch of housekeeping stuff).

Top Drawer at ILHC.

Those who read my post on trying to think of a team name may be interested to know Top Drawer did their performance at ILHC this year. Here’s a clip:

Insanity project aborted

As you’ll see in the previous post, the Insanity project has been aborted, mainly because (the short of it) my personal workout goals require other things at the moment. I might hop into again, just to finish what I started, but we’ll have to see next year.

However, if you don’t have a lot of physical requirements to your daily life, and want to get ripped in 60 days, provided you don’t have any injuries at the moment, Insanity might be a great fit for you.

To read more, just check out the post.

New Headers and Other Website Changes

I’m playing with some new headers and the display of the site, which might rotate every few weeks. Just to let you know why the site looks different all the time. Also let me know if something appears more ugly or is less user friendly.

Year of Clips to become Classic Swing Clips 101

I’ve decided to change the focus of the Year of Clips project into Classic Swing Clips 101. It’s mainly a name change, though there will be a slight change of focus in the clips mentioned, as well. The reasons for the change are basically (1) I’ve been doing them so slowly that, by the end of the year, “The Year of Clips” will have commented on roughly seven of them. (2) Other great bloggers out there are writing about inspiring new clips all the time, so Classic Swing Clips 101 seems like a good way to fill a current void and without the pressure of a time constraint.

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