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The Junk Drawer (February 2011)

March 1, 2011

Hey gang, it’s been a full month at Swungover, and I feel like I’ve recently been writing about swing dancing more than actually swing dancing, which is something that we here at Swungover try to avoid.

So, I thought I’d take the week off. Here’s a few random notes and updates, however:

Nick Williams’s new blog post is the surrogate Swungover this week, whether he likes it or not

I’m going to force Nick Williams (which is easy to do considering he’s really let himself go over the last few years) to take over Swungover for the week with his new post about why instructors don’t sleep as much as you’d think. It’s a reality check on being a Lindy Hop “rock star” (Hence the picture of David Bowie on today’s post. Alright, alright, I just wanted an excuse to put up a picture of David Bowie, which swing dance philosophy rarely allows.)

Check it out: I wouldn’t be surprised if almost every full-time instructor agrees with him. I certainly do.

Tremendous thanks to Chelsea Lee for fullfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions for me

I’d like to give a shout out to Chelsea Lee, a friend, local DC dancer, and great editor. She’s taken it upon herself to help me edit a lot of the new Swungover material you guys see (But not all though; for instance, not this poost).

In case you wonder what this is like, here’s an example:

I’ll send a draft to Chelsea. She’ll send me a revised copy with great notes and corrections. Then I’ll be in a foreign country with no internet and continue to update the post myself, and thus, it will be published on Tuesday with all-new mispellings and errors Chelsea never had a chance to go all OCD on.

(1) I realize this is a horrible way to treat a friend/editor and will try as much as possible not to do this to her anymore.

(2) I’m striving to make sure that I fix the problems in my grammar myself, and don’t give her the same errors each week, though the whole who/whom thing seems to get by every time.

So, anyway, a big thanks to Chelsea!

P90X’s Tony Horton has a book, not sure if it allows as easy a punchline for jokes

Sometimes my goal in this blog is to express new thoughts and ideas I have regarding the wonderful world of swing dancing. Occasionally, though, it’s so P90Xers don’t have to go through the 400 email newsletters that come out a week.

So, Tony Horton has a fitness book, and the hook with it is that it takes you through building your very own workout and diet program to fit your wants and desires.

It’s here:

Anyway, I’m not sure if “Bring It! The Book” will give swing dance emcees the instant punchlines P90X has. But, never fear, the next super big 90-day P90X work out series will be coming out in the fall. Like the previous series, I plan on doing it and rating it for Swungover.


There were a few updates and corrections to the Basic Clip Index throughout the week, for those who might have only read it the first few days of it’s publication. They are these:

**—(1941) Let’s Make Music
Dean Collins and a random follower.

Updated: NOT Jewel McGowan, as the YouTube clip info suggest.

IMDB lists Florence Miller as the only other jitterbug dancer in the film, and Dean/Jewel expert David Rehm recalls “Bertha Lee” as the possible name (from his research), though he’s not 100% sure. But don’t worry. Here at Swungover, we will not sleep until we get hunt down the name of this random mediocre follower.

**—I added this clip to the Lindy Hop section:

(1980s) Frankie Manning

Since there wasn’t hardly any modern Frankie on here, I decided to put this up: a collection of footage and interviews from dancer Margaret Batiuchok.

**—UPDATE: (1939) Blondie Meets the Boss

The dancer in the striped blazer is NOT Roy Damron, as IMDB suggest. The story goes Roy was supposed to be a body double for an actor in the film. Ray Hirsch has a photograph of the dancers from the film, and name “max (something)” is reportedly on the the guy in th striped blazer. I agree, as the dancing doesn’t look much like Roy’s dancing in the Roy and Snookie clip. (Thanks, Nick Williams)

Beach Clip Updates

** I always wondered about the “from underneath” shots in the Venice beach clip. Well, it looks like Venice beach had a sort of glass boardwalk or some such thing in the 1930s, as the fashion models in this Venice Beach clip are also shot from underneath:

** I think it’s safe to say I have identified Jack Helwig in the clip Naughty But Nice. (forgive me for being excited, it’s the first clip identity I’ve made, and it happened to be the mysterious Jack Helwig.) I went over it with David Rehm and Nick Williams, who are in agreement. He’s the dancer doing the awkward Lindy Hop on the left side of the screen in the beginning.

(1939) Naughty But Nice

A comparison of the faces between the two is almost identical. There posture and some of their moves are also the same. And I’m almost positive his partner is Genevieve Grazis, as well. There faces/heights/hair lines and hair styles look too familiar. Plus, she’s dancing with Jack, and the clip was filmed around the same time as the Beach Clip. (Though Jack’s dancing looks awkward as opposed to awesome. Somebody get that man some sand.)


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  1. March 1, 2011 6:39 pm

    Taking German helped my understanding of English grammar…and nearly killed me in my first semester of college. Here’s to good editors! :)

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