Gallery: Eric Bertrand

Editor’s Note: Swungover’s layout is not optimized for showcasing photography, and for that, I apologize. (I even thought of switching layouts while running this project, but that’d cause some serious problems to other content.) I highly recommend clicking on a photograph to see it larger and in more detail. For our Interview of photographer Eric Bertrand, go here. Also, Eric is a professional; if you like the shots in this gallery or want to use them for any reason, please email him or purchase them from his website at

ERIC: This routine was amazing and so was movement in Evitas dress. I feel this shot captures it well.

ERIC: The stage lighting adds to this image. I shot a few in quick succession to get just the right moment.

ERIC: The original image was lit by horrible red spotlights. Moving it to black and white saved it.

ERIC: Going it at! I like the symmetry in the picture, take a look at the shadows.

ERIC: One of my favourite shots!

ERIC: A unique moment just before the competition. Something most people probably didnt notice.

ERIC: I love this shot. I can feel the warmth on his face.

ERIC: The musicians attitudes are amazing. This is probably my most "famous" picture.

ERIC: I like the pattern in the pavement, I'm just sad I cut off her head.

ERIC: This is what I mean by a unique perspective. Unfortunately the focus was at the wrong place.

ERIC: A promo shot for Todd and Alice. I like the angle and the texture of the bricks. Shot with my 50mm 1.8 to allow for a shallow depth of field.

ERIC: At this moment it is as if they are the only ones in the room.

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  1. […] Photography and dance are both visual mediums of expression, and a great photograph of dancing can reinforce the spirit of both. As part of a new series over here at Swungover, we’re interviewing several of the great modern swing photographers and showing a gallery of each of their work. The first photographer we want to highlight is Eric Bertrand, who inspired the project in the first place, following some incredible shots I saw of his at an event Kate and I taught at. Be sure to see his gallery post. […]

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