The Junk Drawer: (July 2011) And we’re back…sort of.

And we’re back…sort of

Following the last post, we decided to take a little vacation here at Swungover, a vacation which was supposed to end this week. However, for various reasons I haven’t been able to put together a post for this week. (One main reason Kate and I have just got back from one trip and are about to be gone from home pretty much up until ILHC, so we’re pretty busy. It’s fantastic, but it makes it tricky to schedule out the writing.) However, I’m confident that next week we’ll be back on schedule.

And, as always, dear readers, thanks for all the support.

Shameless Picture Display

I was really excited when I saw Eric Bertand’s picture of our recent Balboa performance at Montreal Balboa Revue 2011. If you recall, I recently did a post on his swing photography. It’s here. If you’d like to use this picture or see more of his incredible photography, check it out here.

And yes, we’ll be getting back to those interviews and galleries very soon.

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