Gallery: Hilary Mercer

Editor’s Note: Swungover’s layout is not optimized for showcasing photography, and for that, I apologize. I highly recommend clicking on a photograph to see it larger and in more detail. For our interview of photographer Hilary Mercer, go here. Also, if you like the shots in this gallery or want to use them for any reason, please email her or check out her website at

3 responses to “Gallery: Hilary Mercer”

  1. […] Photography and dance are both visual mediums of expression, and a great photograph of dancing can reinforce the spirit of both. As part of an ongoing series over here at Swungover, we’re interviewing several of the great modern swing photographers and showing a gallery of each of their work. The second photographer we want to highlight is Hilary Mercer, who lives in North Carolina. Be sure to see her gallery post. […]

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