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ILHC 2011 Snipet #1 (Thursday Night, 1:37a.m.)

August 26, 2011

How lovely is the Thursday night dance at a large event? Especially ILHC this year, where 700 Lindy Hoppers from all over the world will meet and dance their hearts out. The entire night is saying hello to friends, feeling out the dance floor, and taking it easy. It’s heaven.


As midnight came around, the floor was that perfect amount of crowded: Just packed enough to give energy, but empty enough to dance freely. I had the sinking fear, though, that this was one of the last times this weekend we’d be getting a floor like this. And already the air conditioning system was having trouble keeping up, and dancing was muggy and a little sweaty. (To be fair, DC is a swamp.)


While dancing with an incredible follower, she leaned in and mentioned that the way Gordon Webster was playing tonight, every song was a grand finale. I instantly understood what she meant and agreed with her. The songs were rather long-ish tonight, the energy stayed pretty much at a high level, and many songs had that last-song-of-the-set feel to their final choruses. Still, it’s a great beginning to a weekend. Now here’s hoping Irene didn’t order a pass to the weekend.

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