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ILHC Snippet #3 (5:16 am. Saturday night)

August 28, 2011

[writer’s note: As I was in a lot of comps today, I didn’t see all of them. These notes are just based on teh big ones.]

Wow, what a day/night/morning. The hurricane finally hit, which really just meant the wind and rain hit the windows of the hotel a lot and most people were forced to have dinner in the Westeria restaurant or sprint for the Thai place.

The contests tonight, though, were often strange in some ways. The Showcase night had hardly any champions in it, who seemed to prefer the Classic this year. (These hings often go in subconscious trends, it seems.) Max and Annie had a new routine in it, one showing they are branching out both in the Lindy Hopping they do, as well as what performance means to them. William and Maeva, who you might know as the couple who do that trick where the guy jumps through a circle made by his partner, pulled a fast one on the audience in their new routine that was pretty slick and beautifully executed.

The Cabaret comp tonight was also not your usual Cabaret, as the YouTube Videos will attest. Disney sing-a-longs, Broadway Melodies, strange banana skirts not associated with Josephine Baker, and though I was in the back warming up through most of it, I’m pretty sure their wasn’t a girl’s Charleston group. I know, right?

The Champs strictly was pretty off-the-hook as you’d expect, once again bringing in the different schools-of-thought on jams: how choreographed to dance. Some choreographed every step, others choreographed entrances but then danced it out, others tried to combine dancing it out with choreography. There were aerial couples and floor couples. There was new stuff (check out some of the hot new combos), there was great old stuff (Todd and Naomi dancing together again). It was what you’d expect, which, when you think about it, is saying it lived up to quite a lot.

Final warm up:

Final Spotlights:

(I’d also like to give a special shout out to my partner; we had a blast dancing in the champ prelims and she was awesome.)

The day was long, but the music (Jonathan Stout, Careless Lovers) was great, the Balti-quirky party on the 6th floor included a room absolutely filled to capacity with people, many of which had to stand on a bed, and the hurricane didn’t take out the power, though, in the words of Tina Morales, had it done so, there would be a live band and flashlights. I actually kind of wish that had happened, because such a memorable experience, such a sign of dedication and love would be a perfect memory for such a weekend.

It’s late, and the Juniors are competing tomorrow. They will have THE BIGGEST reception your can imagine. It will blow their minds.

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  1. christina permalink
    August 31, 2011 5:04 pm

    I was a little bit hoping for a power loss, too. At least long enough to acoustic jam and flashlight rave. It would have been some glorious madness.

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