P90X2: Day 12

Part Two


The holidays are a great test to whomever tries to start a workout program in mid-December. There are cookies. There are family obligations, last-minute shopping and lots of good movies out. There are days of nothing but traveling, there are crowded gyms on rainy days, and there is little suitcase space to cram workout equipment into. There are chores to do, new toys to play with, plates of brown food to eat, and couches to pass out on. How do you fit a workout program into that?

It’s been a week of success and failures on that front, and a particularly great afternoon where I was dressed up in my workout clothes, yoga mat on the floor, and ADD nephews downstairs playing with legos and vibrating. I realized here was one of those moments where working out was about to take priority over life. So, I changed, went downstairs, and my little nephews and I came up with Winter Olympics, including balance tests and a rather heated front roll and play dead race. So, success indeed.

Workout: X2 Total Body

This is one of the strength building workouts of the “first phase” but really it’s just core exercises with a few weights involved. Tony does say the line “There’s Fire in the Buttocks!” though. Or is that a different workout? X2 core, this one, and X2 Balance and Power definitely start to bleed together. So far I don’t mind, as it’s just more of the kind of exercise I like: doing hard tasks while balancing.

Now, you don’t just do push-ups; you do them pushing off of medicine balls and bouncing off of stability balls. You don’t just do squats, you do them on one leg while crawling into a sphinx position. And you don’t just do pull-ups, you do them with crunches. Basically, no move just works one part of your body. But that’s right there in the title.

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