Josh Collazo on swing drumming

This is Volume 8, issue 37 of the Josh Collazo Fan Club Newsletter and Stalker Almanac.

While at Lindy Focus, I had the opportunity to do a video interview with Josh Callazo, the universally-admired drummer of Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five. It was shot on a dinky camera, part of which was during the sound check as that was the only time the interview could be done. (I also accidentally cut off a drum flourish Josh gave for the ending, dammit.) However, Jonathan and Josh have shown a lot of interest in us doing a longer, more professional version (with good microphones) at some point. Until then, enjoy.

Since the first half of the interview with Josh is during the end of a sound check, it mgiht be hard to hear the first part of the interview. It begins like this:

What are the differences between rock drumming and swing drumming?

(one of the musicians behind him): Money!

Josh: That’s very true. Well…basically, you couldn’t have rock and roll without swing drumming. In swing drumming, you swing the eight notes. (Josh gives an example.) For instance, I’ll just give you a little brief run-through of pre-swing to swing to early R&B to Rock and Roll. (Gives examples.)

So, I hope you enjoy the interview, I certainly did. And a special thanks to Josh Collazo for being so cool.


[NOTE: Recently I published “Venn Diagram #2: Neo-Swing” in which I made the joke that even really good Neo-swing music is still bad Neo-swing music. It is not just a cheap shot, I promise. This interview with Josh proved a great opportunity to explain the joke and how it’s actually something that is interesting and important about swing (to me, at least). I have updated the Venn Diagram with new notes regarding this.]

10 responses to “Josh Collazo on swing drumming”

  1. Thanks for the post. I drum and dance to swing music, and I always like to hear a fellow drummer’s opinion on the matter.

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