Graph #1: Dancing Ability & Drinking

Revised 2nd standard edition:

10 responses to “Graph #1: Dancing Ability & Drinking”

  1. Hmm… My impression, although definitely based on a very small sample size, is that this graph is accurate for follows, but for leads, still right on perceived quality, but for actual quality it’s pretty much a linear downhill slide.

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  3. I completely agree with the first part, but not the part about perceived dancing because I always think I dance poorly when drunk, but have been told a do very well to a certain point…and then start to stumble all over the floor.

  4. If the girl is drunk, the leads job is to get though the song with out her betting hurt or anybody else getting hurt for that matter

  5. Surely the y axis shouldn’t start at 0 e.g. No drinks = no dancing ability ?
    (sorry, but I like graphs)

  6. haha …

    i find the benefit/drawback balance is roughly the time for the first pint to kick in properly …

    i have my first beer at then end of a Lindy event… i have two or three of the best dances of the night as i loosen up and get creative/silly … then it all goes downhill as my balance goes just enough to throw my Lindy of whack …

    time to head to the blues after party and hog the floor before everyone else turns up : )

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