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The Junk Drawer — July 2012

July 19, 2012

Fine & Dandy

Just as Swungover has helped me do a lot of thinking about the dance, I started a new blog on personal style to help me take my fashion to the next level. It’s called Fine & Dandy, and is available here:

Additionally, Swungover readers who already notice that it can be difficult to get Swungover post out in a timely fashion need not fear; Fine and Dandy is designed for minimalistic effort; it will not take away from what I do here.

Why Swungover* Is Going Slowly These Days

The things that take me away from here are in fact:

(1) Posts growing grander in scale than I first suspected. But since the point of Swungover is exploring, I almost always opt to stay outside and play longer rather than coming back into the house when my inner mom tells me it’s time to come in.

(2) It’s the unwritten code of Swungover* that we never do more writing about dancing than we actually do dancing. So, if I’m spending a great deal of time working on a post, I’m also spending at least that amount working on getting my dancing better. And there’s only so many hours in a day.

(3) As a person who does his best work when hyper-focusing on something via submersion without time constraints, sometimes I’ll prefer to wait until I have many hours open in a row to work on a post. And we all know how difficult it can be to find those times.

And (4) we’re pretty busy. Which is great. As I’m sure my readers would agree, I’d rather be paid for loving dance than not being paid for loving dance. (Because then I’m loving dance and eating.)

For those wondering if the next Love & Swing is going to take as long as the last one, I doubt it. I’m pretty much done with the basic draft, and after that, it’ll only be a little touching up and editing. I hope to have it published next week.

“Attending The Old School” Talk

Over the past year, I’ve been performing a talk called “Attending the Old School: My Personal Search for the Spirit of the Old Timers.” What started off as a simple lecture on the original dancers and learning from them has evolved into a a lot more of a story-telling hour full of personal stories and insights. I’m very excited about how it’s evolving, and I only mention it here because (1) I want students to look for it if they go to an event I’m teaching at, and (2) I want organizers to know I’ll gladly do the talk for them free of charge for the rest of the year (For 2013, I’ll have a new talky story-telling thing).

Footnotes Now Work!

Occasionally in life someone points out something to you that you had never thought about before, but once they point it out, seems blatantly obvious. A loyal reader recently pointed that it’s annoying as hell (my dramatic interpretation) reading footnotes on my blog because you have to scroll down, read it, and scroll back up to where you left off. I instantly recognized that they were right. So, I’m very pleased to say I’ve finally figured out how to do them. For instance, click on this one, and, after you’re done reading, simply hit “back” on your browser and it will take you back to where you were in the text: [*]

Now, all future posts will have these, and, when I have the time, I’ll try to update the footnotes in some of the more lengthy posts in the past. And some day, when I’m feeling OCD, instead of going to The Container Store, I’ll tackle the “Savoy Style Vs. Hollywood Style” and make those footnotes work.

Event Videos

I’ve recently started a side hobby of occasionally doing videos for events. Here are the three I’ve done so far, which began with the Experiment 2012.

Video For The Experiment

Two years ago, I greeted Balboa Experiment people at the airport in this character and gave them this speech. It obviously frightened the locals. Afterwards, we taped it on the beach for this years participants to get in their email a few days before the event.

Video for All Balboa Weekend

Video For Le Hot Sauce

Lost Swungover* Post Discovered! (And Other Updates)

I recently noticed my table of contents was missing an early Swungover post. It’s a post on Keds and it has been reunited with the rest of the family in the table of contents. The post on stripey socks is particularly pleased.

In other update news, I’ve updated the “The Art Of Vintage Manliness: Ties” post and the “Basic Index of Classic Clips.” (Check out the Frankie Manning 1994 Can’t Top The Lindy Hop link! Courtesy of The Frankie Manning Foundation!)


[*] — Boom.

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  1. christina permalink
    July 20, 2012 10:07 pm

    “The post on stripey socks is particularly pleased.”

    That is an astoundingly adorable sentence.


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