Who’s Who: Balboa & Bal-Swing.

Look1938P1RoySnookie1I throw out a lot of names in classes. Names which can be forgotten before the student gets to YouTube. I talked to other teachers, and several of them do, too.

So, here’s a list of people we teachers may mention in Bal-Swing and Balboa classes, and links to their dancing. (A Lindy Hopper’s list for both Harlem and Southern California is in the works.)

Who’s Who in (Pure) Balboa.

Who’s Who in Bal-Swing Leaders.

Who’s Who in Bal-Swing Followers.

This entire project is dedicated to Dwight Lupardis, who helped save and document many aspects of Balboa & Bal-Swing through the art of film, research, and the type of obsession that we here at Swungover appreciate.

The photo of Snookie & Roy is courtesy of Beth Grover.

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