An Interview with David Rehm, founder of The Experiment.

experiment house exterior

One of my favorite dance workshops to be on staff for takes place in a remote mansion that’s only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles.

It’s called The Balboa Experiment. (And next year, there will be The Blues Experiment!) The unique workshop was created as a companion to the traditional classroom, and basically asks “What happens when you put 30 dancers in a beach house for a week and ask them to try various things?” In this interview, Founder David Rehm answers that, and many other questions.

The interview is an audio podcast. But, I’ve added some pictures of The Experiment venue to the video for those who crave a slightly hypnotic yet pleasing visual stimulus.

And, here is a little chapter listing for skipping around:

0:40 What exactly happens at The Experiment?

2:09 On the language of The Experiment and the role that plays in the experience.

3:56 On what it was like for participants the first few years

5:45 On how one finds the right staff for such an event

8:15 On what it means to have a learning process be “organic”

10:27 On what’s up with The Blues Experiment

13:38 On applying for the camp

16:00 Advice for those who are wondering whether to apply or not

18:45 And apply early if you can. (as well as a little more info on what the application process means behind the scenes)

19:40 On some of the surprising aspects of The Experiment for David

22:18 Final thoughts

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