A Swing Kid Walks Into A Bar…

A little something we threw together at this last year’s Eastern Balboa Championships (the final one, hence the “E.B.C.” mentioned at the end credits.)

7 responses to “A Swing Kid Walks Into A Bar…”

  1. So I’m guessing you would have let Jack Helwig into the bar, he of the Venice Beach dance clip (see head flips at 1:28, 1:32, 2:40 etc)…and make sure you have the name of a good surgeon to work on your future spinal surgeries. And is there a future ABW class where we learn to dance on our toes like Jack???

    • Jack Helwig? Shiiiiiit. He started the club.

      I’ve done some classes on Jack on-the-toe-stuff before. Has to be the right audience — not every student cares about replicating Jack’s style. But the next time you’re at a camp of ours, let me know in advance and I might be able to cook something up especially. Love me some Jack.

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