A Dance Etiquette Poster

Over the years I’ve been honored to have Swungover posts translated into different languages. And now a recent Swing 101 etiquette post has officially inspired a large graphic poster in English and Hebrew.

Holy Lindy Land created these beautiful designs. They were put together by Ilya Grig and designed by Ron Dobrovinsky
English etiquette post

Hebrew ettiquette post

9 responses to “A Dance Etiquette Poster”

  1. Hi Bobby! I’m a swing dancer from Taipei and really love the posters that have been made from your etiquette post! I have already asked Holy Lindy Land if we could possibly translate and use their amazing poster in Chinese. I just wanted to get your permission as well. Of course you will be credited (and Holy Lindy Land and Ilya Grig and Ron Dobrovinsky). Please let me know if it’s ok! Thanks!!

  2. I’m a swing dancer from Vancouver, BC Canada. Is it possible to order on poster ? are you selling it ? I like it. Thanks !

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