The Swungover* Guide to Basic Floorcraft

6 responses to “The Swungover* Guide to Basic Floorcraft”

  1. Another safety advice: Dance wearing sneakers! If an accident happens, it’ll hurt less than being hit by a hard leather sole (and some followers even look better, because sneakers keep them more grounded than heels).
    Apart from that: Thanks for the thoughts, efforts, for the making of this useful video!

  2. Hi, Swungover!
    I’m Jehyun and I’m a Swing dancer living in South Korea.
    At this time, the Whole partner dancing community in South Korea has stopped because of COVID-19 since this February
    as a swing dancer, I decided to contribute to our community while I’m home. and I found that sharing a youtube content related swing dance’s history or knowledge about swing dancing
    one of that, I was searching for a video which helps dancers keep safe each other on the floor
    finally, I found this video but I realized many peoples(including me) are not good at English
    so, I decided to make Korean Subtitle with my friends on this video and share that to our community
    But I found that I cannot add Subtitle on this video, If you don’t mind could you help me to add subtitle?

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