What’s it like to make a swing album?


Swungover Podcast Pilot #01: What’s it like to make a swing album in the modern era? With (in alphabetical order) Hilary Alexander, Josh Collazo, Michael Gamble, Jonathan Stout, and  Naomi Uyama.

About the podcast:

One of the great pleasures of being a traveling instructor is the ability to have discussions with experts all across the dance scene. Over the past months we here at Swungover have been playing with the idea of doing some podcasts to take advantage of those opportunities.

Currently, this is more of a pilot idea: Meaning, we have a few different ideas of how we can do it, but haven’t decided on a final product yet, or if there will be a final product. Until we do so, we will publish the fruits of these early ideas here as part of the blog.

In this first episode, we have more than an hour long discussion with Jonathan Stout, Hilary Alexander, Michael Gamble, Naomi Uyama, and Josh Collazo to answer the question, “What’s it like to make a modern swing album?”

You can purchase these new swing albums here:

Jonathan Stout & His Campus Five Featuring Hilary Alexander: “Spreading Rhythm Around.”

Michael Gamble & The Rhythm Serenaders: “Get Rhythm In Your Feet.”

Candy Jacket Jazz Band

Naomi & Her Handsome Devils: “The Devils Music”

Please bare with us as we learn the art of podcasting. Big thanks to The Beantown camp, for bringing together this great talent, to Ryan Swift for technical support and advice, and to Nathan Bugh who helped with the podcast theme and background music (that’s him on piano/harpsichord, myself on drums).

Check out Beantown Camp if you’re interested in a great swing camp, and Ryan’s fantastic swing-scene interview podcast “The Track.”

2 responses to “What’s it like to make a swing album?”

  1. Would it be possible to provide an MP3 download option for the podcast? I like to listen on my phone, which means using a webpage is a little inconvenient.

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