Interview w/ Norma Miller (Beantown 2018)

This year at Beantown I was once again honored to host a Q&A with Norma Miller. It was a different interview than in the past — the audience wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, and Norma wasn’t afraid to answer them (not so surprising).

Please note that though we do not necessarily share her views regarding some topics, (and, I’d argue we don’t fully explore her view of any topic enough to be able to express her view completely), her answers are nonetheless important to consider and discuss as our scene navigates coming to terms with its past and shaping its future.

A huge thanks to Beantown for continuing to put so much support into the scene’s growth, and for hosting Norma Miller every year as an ambassador of the dance.

3 responses to “Interview w/ Norma Miller (Beantown 2018)”

  1. Thank you for sharing!
    Norma Miller is a precious gift we all have to preserve and keep on listening to as long as possible.
    You may not share her views but we all have to support her.
    Long live the Queen!

  2. Gotta love Norma — she’s seen a lot in her lifetime, and is happy to share it as she sees it. That level of authenticity is all too rare in our world. Thank you for doing this, Bobby.

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