Practice w/ Bobby SEASON 2!

Over the COVID-19 quarantine I’ve been doing 30 minute, down-and-dirty Improv jazz dance training. (And I will continue to do so, btw, Monday Nights at 7pm EST on my FB profile!

Here is SEASON 2! It’s only $19.99 for FOUR HOURS of dance training (and, you know, fish eye lenses and FB live video quality!) You can even try out Episode 13 for FREE to see if you’ll like it!

JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO GET THEM. (Links to the videos are also over at the The Swungover STORE  and so you don’t have to search for this post!)

More info below. 

Season 2 thumbnail crop

And did you Miss Season 1? Here you go:

Season 1 picture


Episode 13 (the main one on the screen) should stream for free.  You can get access for all others when you click on them and pay the $19.99 (through PayPal). That will get you access to all of them to download and keep (by clicking a little downward arrow button on the bottom of the video player), or you can always stream them straight from the playlist.

Once you purchase, you should be able to immediately watch them without putting in a password. However, a password for watching it on other devices will be sent to the email address affiliated with your payment (Check your SPAM box if you don’t see it). Save that info in case you want to stream your videos on a different device.

Very rarely, the system takes a few moments to verify payment and you might get the spinning graphic of impatience  — DON’T PAY AGAIN. Even if you hit refresh and it looks like nothing has happened. It will send you an email after a few minutes with the password for watching, and it should all work out. If you accidentally double-paid, just send me an email at robertwhiteiii @ gmail and we’ll get it sorted out!

What are these, exactly?

Practice w/ Bobby is very specifically IMPROVISATIONAL jazz movement training. The goal is to be able to dance in the moment without a lot of calculating what we should be doing, an essential jazz dance art that is for some reason not commonly focused on. (A lot of classes either focus on learning through polishing a jazz step or through routines.)

There is a ton of music, I try to spend very little time talking and a whole lot of time dancing for people to follow along at home. Most episodes are one song of warm up, a quick explanation of the day’s goal, and then six songs of music while I demonstrate and then play while talking through the improv process.

Each episode has a specific goal and a “turn of the day” to practice the art of turning.

Check out the free episode on the playlist, or hop onto my FB profile MONDAY NIGHTS @ 7pm EST to enjoy one at no cost. Though, of course, donations are appreciated.  :

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