Introducing: INTEGRATED RHYTHM Podcast!

Associate Professor, instructor, and swing and Zambian heritage dancer CHISOMO SELEMANI and I are proud to introduce INTEGRATED RHYTHM, a new weekly podcast where two swing dancing besties navigate race and the Black Experience in the world of Jazz Dance and other Afro-centric social dancing.

We will mostly spend our time interviewing a range of guests inside and outside of the Jazz dance scene, making bad puns, and occasionally singing. The goal is comfortable conversations about uncomfortable things.

We launch today with two episodes, an intro episode that lays the groundwork, and then a fantastic conversation with LATASHA BARNES! They should be available on your favorite podcasting ap (or at our home, anchor). You can also listen to them on YouTube if you desire.

Also, we’re so “stoked” if you will, to have the incredible MICHELLE STOKES and LAUREL RYAN providing our music! Huge thanks to Robots Radio for inviting us into their network (we’ll be connecting up with them soon), and especially Tom Blaire for all of his amazing support.  

If this sounds like a fun time or an important project, please consider donating! (This podcast is co-produced by a swing dancer who has lost at least a year’s worth of income from COVID-19.) Anything you can give is GREATLY APPRECIATED!



(Please put “IR” in the note! That way we’ll know where the money goes!)

Venmo: @bobbyswungover

(Please put “IR” in the note!)

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