Introducing: BAL PLAY

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I’m very excited and proud of this project, many years in the making: BAL-PLAY.


1. Enjoy practicing alone as much as possible

2. Focus on true improvisation and solo self-expression in Bal.

How does it work?

6 lessons, each covering a major piece of dancing we can play with: Movement, Rhythm, Punctuation, Kicks, Turns, Slides. Each lesson has many sections, covering a crap ton of ideas to play with, encouraging dancers to grow their own style through their own play — for both Bal Leaders and Followers.

Think of it as a P-90X for individual Balboa improvisation. (Er, yeah, niche.)

When? The Movement and Rhythm lessons are available right now over at Each additional lesson will come out once a week.

Where? Over at (also known as

Can I download them? Yes!

Do you have a trailer giving the low-down?

4 responses to “Introducing: BAL PLAY”

    • Oh also, the course looks great, will definitely sign up! Practicing alone still makes me feel like crying so I definitely need something like this!

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