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  • [Classic Air Steps] Over-the-Back

    [Classic Air Steps] Over-the-Back

    This is a new series breaking down the names of the original air steps of the pioneers of Lindy Hop from the 1930s-1980s. Check out other posts in the series here. PLEASE NOTE! When considering what to donate, please note the steps, the original dancers who danced them, the names of the steps, and the contributions of…

  • 300 Posts

    300 Posts

    Dear readers, Our last article was Swungover’s 300th post. We are, frankly, amazed, and also now realize where a great deal of our 30s went. Looking back, the articles weren’t all great. And a lot were very long. And though there was good intent, we can see sometimes laughable, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes cringe-worthy examples of…

  • R.I.P. Jean Veloz (1924-2023)

    The legendary Californian Lindy Hopper Jean Veloz passed away Sunday, Jan 15, 2023. She was 98. Jean Veloz was born Jane Phelps on March 1, 1924 in Los Angeles. From a very young age she wanted to be in the movies. As a teenager, Jean learned SoCal’s local swing dances (“Swing,” Bal-Swing, and Balboa) and…

  • [Classic Air Steps] Primordial Air (Lifts)

    [Classic Air Steps] Primordial Air (Lifts)

    This is a new series, [Classic Air Steps] breaking down the names of the original Air Steps of the pioneers of Lindy Hop from the 1930s-1980s. This essay is the prequal to the series, briefly discussing pre air step movements referred to as lifts. Before there were air steps in Lindy Hop (where the flyer…

  • The 1951 Harvest Moon Ball

    The 1951 Harvest Moon Ball

    Venmo: @bobbyswungover This is part of the Harvest Moon Ball essay series. To see all the Harvest Moon Ball essays, please visit Swungover’s HMB page. (This is essay 17 of 23.)