Practice Swing (book)


Practice Swing: The Swungover* Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Guide to Improving Your Dancing

It’s 450 pages long. More than a hundred chapters. And all of it geared towards getting better — at getting better — at swing dancing.


Practice with Bobby (video lessons)

Want to practice, but don’t have a partner, or much space? Check out Bobby’s video series on improvisational jazz movement training, from live-streams done during the COVID-19 quarantine. Each season is eight half-hour training episodes — that’s four hours of material for only $19.99! (With, you know, fish eye lenses and FB video quality). There’s even a FREE EPISODE for you to try out in each season to see if it’s your thing.

Season 1 picture
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Practice With Bobby Season 3

Balboa Online (video lessons)

Check out the full collection of Bobby & Kate’s world-renown DVDs for Balboa dancers, plus tons of single lessons on a range of Balboa Topics.

The Dancer’s Body (video)

Designed with help from New York physical therapist and dance movement specialist Nicola Banger, it takes the dancer on a one-hour journey through healthy body alignment and movement. Complete with dance challenges and designed for all swing dancers.  FOR A PREVIEW, CLICK HERE!

To Purchase, stream, and download the video, CLICK on the Picture. 

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