Modern Swing Culture

Articles focusing on the modern swing scene, teaching, training, etc.

As you read, please remember these articles span the time from 2009 to the present. They are of their time and the swing scene at the time of writing.


Long Live the King: Frankie Manning Homage
Great Debate: Should Lindy Hop be danced to non-swing music?
A Few of the (Many) Reasons I Love My Partner
The “Heavy” Follower
Finding Out A Team Name
The Jam Cellar Guide to Practicing Aerials.
Inspiring Neo-Swingers to Lindy Hop
The Deal with Stripey Socks
The Deal with Keds
The 2010 Swungover Year in Review
Oh, the dances you will have!
Things I’ve learned about dancing and having a bad back.
Anatomy of a Choreography: “Chimes at the Meeting”
The Etiquette of Stealing
So we made some DVDs for Balboa followers
Implied in the Contract: The Hidden Implications of Doing a Professional Dance Instruction Gig
Josh Collazo on Swing Drumming
In Response To “31 Signs You’re Not An Advanced Dancer Yet.”
A Quick Note on Floorcraft
On Having Fun
I Love You, Facebook
A Quick Note on Training Bands to Play For Dancers
23 Ways To Look At A Competition
John Wooden & Swing Dancing
The Proactive Follower
On #ImprovRespect
How to Move Forward & Create Safe Dance Spaces
Sexual Harassment and a Legend
Recovering from “Whiplash”
The Swungover* Guide to Basic Floorcraft
Build Your Own Practice Dance Floor
Scenes From a Movie Shoot
The Listening Leader
Swungover’s Response to the “Jack & Jill” debate
What’s it like to make a swing album (Podcast) w/ Josh Collazo, JonathanStout, Naomi Uyama, Hillary Alexander, Michael Gamble
What’s it like being Black in the scene? (Podcast) With Darold Alexander, Latasha Barnes, James Agena Georges, Javier Johnson, Breonna Jordan, Mikayla Pryor, and Radeena Stuckey
Consider this: Huh-huh-huh-ho
The Scientist, The Madman and The Mechanic.
The Pieces of Individuality
The Dancer’s Body (Video)
Consider This: Pan-style Teaching vs Lone-style Teaching

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