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  • On Judging, Part 3: Swing Judging Philosophy 101

    [So far in this series, we’ve discussed the Basic Competition Blueprint, as well as some of the tricks for watching a competition. Now we’ll start getting into the deeper questions involved with judging. Also, please note, Part 2 of this series has been extensively updated since its first publication.] Judging an improvised partnership swing dance […]

  • Interview with Tim Vail, Deaf Lindy Hopper

    Tim Vail is a Lindy Hopper in Rochester New York. At a workshop weekend we taught there, Kate danced with Tim, and only after dancing, when he signed the words “thank you,” did she realize he was deaf. Around this time I myself was thinking of my teaching in terms of its visual impact versus […]

  • The Old Timer (Part 4: “The Only Count I Know is Basie”)

    Musicality in the Old Timer world is an enormous part of why they danced the way they did. It’s a topic I’m infatuated with, and these conclusions may not last long as I keep thinking, or as I discuss this topic with others. But I hope you will find something interesting or inspiring in them. […]