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  • Opportunity Costs

    [This article has been updated since its first publication: A paragraph and final author’s note have been added to the ending.] Being a Scandalous Tell-All of the Most Debaucherous Nature Involving the Sordid Lives of Famous (and Infamous) Bacchant Swing Dance Instructors [Part four of the Love & Swing series, concerning the complex triangle of […]

  • Interview With Paul Overton of Paul & Sharon

    Paul & Sharon were one of the most important international couples in Lindy Hop in the early 2000s. I interviewed Paul for the Love & Swing series, and found the interview so enjoyable I wanted to share the entire thing with you. I publish it this week as a precursor to the next post: Love […]

  • Love & Swing (2): Dancing vs. Non-Dancing Significant Others

    Being a seven-part series concerning the complex love triangle of romance, swing, and our love for swing. Part 2: The Battle of the Dancing and Non-Dancing Significant Others [In this article, we will refer to non-dancing significant others as NDSOs, as if it’s their Myers-Briggs personality type.] “For me,” says Nina Gilkenson, a professional Lindy […]