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  • Regarding Nazi Regulations on Swing Music

    Dear Readers: It was suspected in the comments that the regulations mentioned in this post were fabricated. It seems that, after researching the German Swing Youth, it is highly possible. After you finish reading this article (or instead of,) please read this one: Swingjugend: The Real Swing Kids A reader sent me an interesting article, […]

  • Interview with Tim Vail, Deaf Lindy Hopper

    Tim Vail is a Lindy Hopper in Rochester New York. At a workshop weekend we taught there, Kate danced with Tim, and only after dancing, when he signed the words “thank you,” did she realize he was deaf. Around this time I myself was thinking of my teaching in terms of its visual impact versus […]

  • The Old Timer (Part 4: “The Only Count I Know is Basie”)

    Musicality in the Old Timer world is an enormous part of why they danced the way they did. It’s a topic I’m infatuated with, and these conclusions may not last long as I keep thinking, or as I discuss this topic with others. But I hope you will find something interesting or inspiring in them. […]