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  • Swing Analogies: Lindy Hoppers are 22-to-25-year-olds

    (Cough, cough…wheeze…wheeze…Still Thursday.) Obviously it’s a ballpark figure. But after countless hours researching — taking wind measurements, trying to remember how to use our TI-82, training a lemur to swing out, and then trying to steal its styling when it looked cooler than us — scientists over here in the Swungover Laboratory Cavern have recently […]

  • News Briefs From Yesteryear

    I recently went back through some of my old Jam Cellar email writings and came up with some news briefs I did about the Lindy Hop scene. Most of them from a few years ago, I will be posting them here over the next few months. Looking back, I’m surprised at how negative some of […]

  • The Old Timer (Part 4: “The Only Count I Know is Basie”)

    Musicality in the Old Timer world is an enormous part of why they danced the way they did. It’s a topic I’m infatuated with, and these conclusions may not last long as I keep thinking, or as I discuss this topic with others. But I hope you will find something interesting or inspiring in them. […]

  • The Old Timer (Part 2: A Release of Energy)

    Author’s note: As you read this essay, please note it was composed in 2010, and though I still believe the main ideas are still valid (or at least interesting) I would make several different choices in how I present it were I writing it today, such as non-gendered language, a discussion of how toxic our […]