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  • Swingjugend: The Real Swing Kids

    “Nein, das Nazi-Regime konnte meine Liebe zum Swing nicht brechen.” — G√ľnter Discher, German swing youth While I walked the rainy streets of Hamburg recently, my host pointed to a large rectangular stone building that didn’t so much stand as squat. It had tiny windows and thick walls to frame them. “That is an old […]

  • Regarding Nazi Regulations on Swing Music

    Dear Readers: It was suspected in the comments that the regulations mentioned in this post were fabricated. It seems that, after researching the German Swing Youth, it is highly possible. After you finish reading this article (or instead of,) please read this one: Swingjugend: The Real Swing Kids A reader sent me an interesting article, […]

  • Swing Memories– My First Lesson

    Early 1998, Atlanta The first time I remember seeing swing dancing was in the movie Swing Kids, though at the time I recognized it as swing dancing, so I must have known it existed somehow before, probably in a random box in the cluttered garage of my subconscious, next to the skis. Swing Kids came […]