Venn Diagram #6: “Partnership”

[I’m currently working on the next section of “Love & Swing”, which probably won’t be ready this week. However, here’s a little peek:]

12 responses to “Venn Diagram #6: “Partnership””

  1. From a friend & reader:

    “Venn Diagram #6: “peak” vs. “peek.”

    …my stupid auditory spelling….

    It has been changed.

  2. I. love. this. website.

    (Just found it today – never been so gleeful to have a whole year’s worth of posts to catch up on!)

    • I agree completely. It is now a bookmark on my phone’s home screen so I always have something awesome to read.

    • Thanks!

      Basically, let’s say your swing dance partner is different from your romantic partner. If things aren’t working with your romantic partner, you can go to swing dancing to escape your problems. Or, if things aren’t working with your swing dancing, you can go to your romantic partner to take a break from your problems. But if your romantic partner is the same as your swing dance partner, then there’s nowhere to escape.

      At least, that was my original intent. These things sometime run away though, and mean different things to different people.

  3. “those you can’t escape when things aren’t working” is 100% true, but there is a very positive effect of it: being in this situation makes both involved working much more harder on the romantic relationship as well as on the dancing and gives 200% of pleasure when working fine.

    One who recognized by and by ;-)

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